Sunday, March 20, 2011

Building a ramp

 Improved access

My client in Roseville N.S.W has an amazing view of bushland as far as the eye can see but with such beauty a price is sometimes asked in return.

In this case, their backyard was a long downward slope split into two tiers divided by a set of three old treated pine steps.

The problem with this kind of access to the lower yard was when the time came for the lawn mowing, getting the mower from one level to the next was quite a struggle!

For years my client's husband lugged that mower down and up those "bloody steps" and when he had had enough... that's when they called me.

The first thing I did was call my mechanic and ask him to keep some sump oil from his next oil change. Creosote or (sump oil) works really well to treat timber against damp and termites. Although I used treated pine, it didn't cost my client any more to have this added protection and my mechanic got to be involved in a bit of re-cycling.

The bits I treated with the oil were those in contact with soil like the very bottom of the ramp and the posts which were set in concrete.

I made some concrete footings for the base of the ramp to give a nice solid foundation that would not shift with soil movement over time.

I always put a spirit level on steps and ramps right through the process because if I am 5mm out at the beginning of the project, then I will be 50mm or more out at the end!

Finally I used 30mm treated ply for my gang plank and put some hard wood battens horizontally down the length of the ramp for anyone walking down and up (of course with gaps for the wheels of the lawnmower).

Perhaps the ramp featured here is not quite as long as this story but I am very happy with the finished product and want to show it off a little!

Perhaps now mowing the lawn will be a joy? Perhaps not... anyway it might be a little bit easier!

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  1. Hi Lea,

    We're very happy with our new ramp. It looks better than the ugly old steps and it makes it easy to get the lawn mower down to the lower levels of the garden.

    Thanks for your service.


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