Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making steps

Damaged steps not only look bad but they also pose a considerable
risk to anyone using them.

These particular steps in Sydney were old and falling apart so the client wisely
called me in to make some brand new ones.

He asked me to leave the painting for him to do.


The first thing was to remove the original steps and see if they
were salvageable enough to make a template for the new set.

I was able to match everything except for the sides, I had noticed
a bad lean when I first looked at the job and my suspicions were
confirmed when I pulled the sides off.
I turns out that the pavers underneath weren't level, so instead of
pulling them up and re-doing the whole lot I simply made one
of the sides of my steps longer to compensate.
I also added a supporting brace and some metal flashing on the
bottom so that the problem would not re-cur this time round.


 I tried out some ready made metal brackets on this project
instead of rebating the sides for each tread, overall I think
the job was quicker and easier.


After all the treads were in place it was time to make the handrails
and fix them to the existing deck posts and new steps.
As usual I primed anything that would be exposed to water
and used galvanised bolts and screws.


My client was happy with the end result and he and his
family will be able to walk up/and down their new steps
for many years to come!

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