Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cat proof house

If you think of a house on piers... and one inquisitive feline who wants to explore every nook and cranny, then it's easy to imagine the problem this frustrated cat owner had!

I was called in to rectify the problem and found a solution which actually made their house in Ermington look better as well.

I used a product made out of re-cycled plastic to screen off anywhere the cat might be able
to squeeze in.
Some places had to be framed with treated pine and my clients still wanted to gain access to the storage area under the house so I made a panel which they could remove.

I know what your'e thinking... What about the neighbours fence?!! I asked the same question, but apparently Houdini has an aversion to jumping! Perfect!!

While I was there, I also cleaned the gutters on the pergola as there was a problem with water leaking.

    Max the cat enjoys his new enclosed garden. 

Before I left, I asked the client to please call me if their escape artist found a way out of the yard so that I could fix the problem.

To date, I haven't had that call.

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  1. Hi Leander – I loved your story about cat proofing the house!


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