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Assured Handyman can supply and install 1 whirlybird from $250 or 2 whirlybirds from $410, or 3 whirlybirds from $570!  the more you want, the more you save!

Do whirlybird vents work?        

The answer is yes, especially when there is a breeze blowing. When there is no wind blowing they are still effective as a roof vent that allows hot air to escape. As hot air escapes the blades turn even with no breeze, although this does not remove any more air.

The more whirlybirds on the roof, the more effective the convection is.

Whirlybird vents or turbine roof vents have been around for years and have been proven to work. The way they work is when there is a breeze blowing the turbine turns and creates a suction that can remove as much as 300 cubic feet of air per minute. Their popularity is also due to the fact that they do not require any energy to operate. If you live in a hot climate, having several whirlybird roof vents can save hundreds of dollars in electricity by keeping your house cooler. 
Sealed bearing whirlybird roof vents will provide years of energy savings. When buying a whirlybird turbine vent look for one that has sealed bearings, not ones you have to grease.

Does Rain Come In Through Turbine Roof Vents?

You don't have to worry about rain coming in your roof with a whirlybird vent. When the turbine is spinning raindrops are deflected off the spinning surface. Even when the turbine is not being turned by the wind it gives one more exit point for hot air from your roof. Roof vents of any kind work best when there is adequate ventilation along the eaves such soffit vents.  

I can supply and install the roof turbine of your choice on a tiled or sheet metal roof and the unit will pay for itself in a couple of years

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