Monday, December 13, 2010

Dripping taps

Water is our most precious resource and should be valued as such.
When a tap starts leaking there's no use waiting for the problem
to go away because it will only get worse the longer you leave it.

Some people even say to me, "But I changed the washer and it still leaks!?"
Changing the washer in any tap is something that can be done fairly easily
with a bit of knowledge, but this won't always fix the problem.

The inside of a tap body is made of brass which is a fairly soft metal.
Small nicks can form around the bottom (called the seat) where the washer sits when the tap valve is in the closed position. These nicks in the metal stop the washer from making a good seal when turned off, therefore allowing water to escape.

By changing the washer, O ring, applying fresh grease to the
spindle and using a re-seating tool to grind out the nicks
in the tap body, dripping taps can be made as good as new.

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