Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Water leaks

With the ever increasing population and limited housing in Sydney,
landlords are finding more ways to get the most out of their investment property.

I was asked to have a look at a leaking ceiling in a flat that had been added on to an existing house.

The flat was below a concrete courtyard which had hairline cracks
running through it and hadn't been sealed since the cracks appeared.

Some leaks can be extremely difficult to detect and rectify but this one was fairly straightforward.

By measuring the leaks in the ceiling against the cracks upstairs I was able to pinpoint very accurately where the problems were occuring.

Then it was just a matter of cleaning the surface of the concrete, applying a sealer and then some membrane paint with two layers of a special bandage to reinforce between the cracks.

The next job could be to put a nice coat of paving paint over the courtyard? Every small improvement to your property adds value.

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