Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The tailor's children have no clothes

The traditional saying is that the tailor's children have no clothes and the shoemaker's children are barefoot. But what about the Assured Handyman's children?

Not only do they have clothes and shoes, they also have lots of hand made toys and playthings.

Cubby houses, building blocks, dolls house, toy car garage, carved animal figures and whatever my fancy takes.

Last week I designed a walk-in play area for fantasy play. It is a frame with shelves and when we throw a sheet over it, it becomes a cave, a castle, kitchen, sweat lodge, rocket, tea-house and anything a three-year-old (or his Dad) can imagine.

Not only does my young bloke get to enjoy the play house, but he also had the fun of helping to make it.

When Assured Handyman does jobs for you, you get the satisfaction of things that work, and maybe the fun of watching someone else do the work. Of course, if you'd like to help, I can be very patient.

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