Friday, November 5, 2010

Saint Sambandar wall mural

When I stayed with friends a few years ago, I offered to give their hallway a new coat of paint. One thing led to another and soon I was painting a mural at their request.

Saint Samandar wall mural

My friend asked if I could paint Saint Samandar, a 12th century Jain saint, from a postcard she had. We decided to put it on the hallway wall looking into the living room. I set it in a trompe d'oeil niche to add some depth.

I used artists acrylic paints and bronze pigments to develop the shading.

 Trompe d'oeil statue in wall niche

When my friend had the walls repainted this year, she got the painters to feather the new paint around the mural so you don't notice the join between the old and the new. This mural will last a long time.

A Balinese dancing figure stands on a table in the living room opposite Saint Samandar.

Balinese dancer

You can see how a decorative mural can add a unique feature to your decor by blending with your furnishings. My clients often have fairly clear ideas about what they would like and I try to use my artistic licence within their boundries.

Ask me how I can give your home a uniquely original wall mural.

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