Monday, November 15, 2010

Clothes lines

With increasing electricity costs, many people are going back to drying their clothes outdoors.

There are a lot of alternatives to the old Hills Hoist. Some lines are designed to fit in small spaces, such as this Australian-made Versaline product.

Versaline Broadline clothes line

My client chose the Versaline clothesline to go under her new deck extension. The line cost $159  and it took less than an hour to install. How easy is that?

She also bought an Austral Foldown line to go on a wall in a sunny spot.  This costs $199 and takes about an hour to install.

You may be surprised to discover that a clothes dryer consumes more energy than an electric oven. If you use it for three hours a week, it will cost you about $200 a year with current electricity tariffs in Sydney.

You can get  a new clothesline installed in a convenient spot near your house, or under cover. You'll recover the cost in a year or two and then you'll be ahead.

You'll also reduce your carbon footprint, and best of all, you'll enjoy the fresh-air smell of washing that is dried outdoors.

Give me a call, I can install your new clothesline. If you like, I can also recommend a clothesline that suits your needs and organise its purchase. With a single phonecall, you can have a new clothesline and enjoy all the benefits.

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